What's New?

National Service Partner

HOSA’s National Service Partner for 2016-18 is NAMI – the National Alliance for Mental Illness. National HOSA has clarified – NAMI wants all volunteer and fundraising efforts to support the local NAMI chapters. We are lucky to have several active NAMI Chapters in Nevada – so as you support NAMI, please be sure to work with the local chapter nearest you.

Do you want Membership Cards?

National HOSA and Awards Unlimited are working to identify how missed our former membership cards are. Until last year, all members received a plastic membership card each year. This was discontinued – and there is talk of bringing them back for states to purchase. Is this a membership benefit that your students liked? Do you want to see Nevada HOSA participate in membership cards again? Please give us your feedback so we can make an informed decision. Here is the quick link to give a quick answer:


HOSA and STEMPremier

National HOSA has officially partnered with STEMPremier. If you visit the competitive event guidelines page on the national HOSA website, at the very bottom, they have loaded an outline of what they are doing with STEMPremier. STEMPremier is a badging site that provides scholarship opportunities, networking opportunities – and now – a place for some of HOSA’s competitive events! Please take important note – Nevada HOSA is using one, and only one feature in STEMPremier this year for competitive events. For Job Seeking Skills and Interviewing Skills, students will need to upload their cover letter and resume. This is the ONLY event that Nevada HOSA is using STEMPremier for this year. Students that advance to ILC will need to be ready for STEMPremier to be part of eight total competitive events.

We encourage you to have a chapter meeting activity of all students creating a STEMPremier Profile as soon as possible so that they can familiarize themselves with the platform and functionality – as well as take advantage of the benefits. As we progress through the year, there will be many more opportunities throughout the year. At the current moment, National HOSA is working to identify what badges students can earn – member, SLC attendee, competitor, and more. No badges are official yet – but they are in the works! When we get closer to the winter, I will host a webinar for advisors to see exactly how the upload process will work.

Advisor Survey

Last chance! Nevada HOSA wants your feedback on ideas and operations for the 2016-17 year and the State Leadership Conference. Please do take about 5 minutes to complete our advisor survey if you haven’t already:


Chapter Success Guide

The Chapter Success Guide may be found here!  If you attended an advisor conference, you received a printed copy. 

Nevada HOSA Pin Design Contest

The Pin Design Contest is now live! There have been many changes to the guidelines for the pin design contest – so please be sure to review them. The design no longer has to be in the shape of Nevada, colors are no longer limited, and there are other exciting things. The Pin Design Contest information is in the Chapter Success Guide.


SLC Location

As of last Tuesday, our SLC locations are secure and confirmed! The conference hotel (which we have known since last spring) will be the Reno Sparks Nugget. Our off-site partners will be the TMCC Dandini Campus and the Regional Public Safety Training Center. The TMCC campus is new to HOSA – they have a perfect facility, a very excited staff, and a very supportive Dean – and we are very excited about this new partnership.

Healthcare Issues Exam

The Healthcare Issues Exam for SLC 2017 will be taken ONLINE during the January online testing window. Every single student may participate in this, there are no eliminations, it does not count towards their one event, and results will not be published (not even finalists) prior to SLC. However, this event will only be offered during online testing (in the past, it was done on site).

Advisor Survey

If you have not yet taken our advisor survey (which most of you haven’t), please take about 5 minutes to do so. This is going to greatly impact our year, especially SLC. Here is the link:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HOSA2016-17.

Advisor Conference Late Registration

Please join us at the Advisor Conferences this week! If you didn’t register and still want to attend, we will absolutely welcome you! Registration is closed online, but feel free to email Mike Oechsner at mike@nevadahosa.org, so we can add you.

Advisor Survey

As we get ready for the excitement of 2016-17, Nevada HOSA wants your feedback! We have a short 5-minute advisor survey that we would appreciate you taking the time to fill out. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with us as we develop awesome things for 2016-17.

Here is the link:


Leadership Rallies

The Leadership Rallies in December are going to be awesome again this year! Registration is now open and the materials are included below for your pre planning. HOSA will again be doing competitive event demos during our time together at the Rallies. If your chapter is interested in leading a demo, if you have specific ideas for a demo, or if you know someone who is willing to support us with a demo, please contact me! Your assistance in this is greatly appreciated!

Nevada CTSO Leadership Rally Registration Guide

Nevada CTSO Leadership Rallies Flyer

Nevada CTSO Leadership Rallies Registration Forms