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We’ve seen patterns to several questions coming regularly about SLC and Registration, so wanted to give you all a little cheat sheet to refer to!

Voting Delegates and Nominating Committee: Each chapter gets two voting delegates and one nominating committee member. Advisors may select whomever they want for these rolls. Even though online registration does collect voting delegate names what is important to Nevada HOSA is the numbers – which we already know. At SLC on-site registration, you will receive two voting delegate ribbons and one Nom Com ribbon – and we will check in representatives who have these ribbons at each meeting. We do not need names.

Courtesy Corps: Is not part of online registration – every student should want to be in Courtesy Corps! They just need to go to Courtesy Corps Orientation at SLC. We do not need their information in advance.

Health Care Issues Exam:
Yes, every single student can take this. But, no, they cannot just show up. If you want students to take HCIE, you must register them for it – there will be no changes or additions allowed on site this year, so it is safer to register a student who might take this test and then not than to not register them and have them wish you had.

Advisor and Chaperone Registration: Chapter Advisors are required to serve as event managers or testing coordinators – and their registration is free. Chaperones have the option of serving as an event coordinator (if you are assigning them to events you are managing, please be sure to let me know so that we don’t assign them elsewhere!) – if they do so, their registration is complimentary. If they do not, their registration is $80. Please contact me directly if you have questions about this.

Curriculum Fee Balance (dues) – credit OR debit: If you have a balance in the national HOSA system for dues, it is your responsibility to clear this up – whether the balance is a credit (overpayment) or a debit (you haven’t paid for something yet). If you need my assistance, please let Mike know.

2015 NV HOSA Scholarship

Click here for the materials for the 2015 Nevada HOSA Scholarship! Please note the March 1 deadline.

Congratulations to our Health Science Finalists!

Click here for the event finalists for Health Science Events.

A friendly reminder – if a finalist attends SLC but changes events, they will be charged a $50 decline fee.

Please congratulate our finalists and share this information with your students!

SLC Internship Opportunity

Nevada HOSA is recruiting for an intern to support competitive events operations at the 2015 State Leadership Conference. The call for proposals can be obtained here – please feel free to share with anyone you know who may be interested!

The intern must be a high school graduate and available for the entire duration of SLC. Applications/Proposals are due by February 15.

Symposium Presenters Invited

The time has come for us to recruit symposium presenters for the eighth annual State Leadership Conference! We invite members, advisers, industry partners, educational representatives, health care specialists, and friends of HOSA to join us and share your knowledge with our members!

The symposium information and sign up form are available by following these links. Please share these with anyone you think may be interested!

Volunteer with NV HOSA!

Nevada HOSA is looking for volunteers to support competitive event operations.  Please note–this is a different process than judging–this is supporting events!  Please click here to sign up!