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Symposium Presenters Invited

The time has come for us to recruit symposium presenters for the eighth annual State Leadership Conference! We invite members, advisers, industry partners, educational representatives, health care specialists, and friends of HOSA to join us and share your knowledge with our members!

The symposium information and sign up form are available by following these links. Please share these with anyone you think may be interested!

Volunteer with NV HOSA!

Nevada HOSA is looking for volunteers to support competitive event operations.  Please note–this is a different process than judging–this is supporting events!  Please click here to sign up!

2015 SLC Guide

The 2015 State Leadership Conference Guide is now available!  Please click here to print your copy.

Monday of SLC:

Please very, very carefully review the SLC Schedule – you will notice that five events which historically have been held on Tuesday have moved to Monday. There will be much more competition taking place on Monday this year than in years past.

Tuesday & Wednesday of SLC:

Please also take special notice that HOSA Bowl Finals are now on Tuesday and part of HOSA Bowl. Medical Spelling is now on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, we will have a new advisor competition HOSA Bowl Style. Watch for more information about this after the holiday break.

JUMP – Junior Upcoming Medical Professionals:

Nevada HOSA is excited to welcome junior high students to SLC this year – and we will be offering two competitive events for them. If you’d like to help middle schools start a junior HOSA program, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I can help you. They will have the opportunity to participate in Monday of SLC which will include the opening session where they can be recognized if they are the winners in the JUMP events – Extemporaneous Health Poster and the Healthcare Issues Exam.

Mailing Materials:

Please notice that in the past you have had a few options when it comes to where you mail or drop things off. This year, nothing can be dropped off anywhere – and the only place to mail things is to PO Box 912, Jacksonville, OR 97530. If you send or deliver materials anywhere else they will be returned to you and not eligible for competition.

No On Site Changes:

At the 2015 State Leadership Conference, there will be absolutely no changes or updates to competitive event entries – only drops. You may not make substitutions, replacements, additions, or any other type of changes. The only thing we will allow on site at SLC is a drop.

Information Ready by February 1:

There are a couple of items that will be published separately – and will be available by February 1. These include the Nevada HOSA Scholarship materials, the Outstanding State Leader Application Materials, Information about the Advisor Competition on Wednesday, and information about the HOSA Talent Show.

Competitive Event Reminders:

Remember that National HOSA can make competitive event updates until February 15 – so it is critical that you check the national HOSA Website for updates before SLC!

One final reminder when it comes to competitive events – based on our final registration numbers, it is possible that not all competitors will advance to round 2 this year. Which events will have qualifying restrictions is dependent on how many competitors we have in each event. So, study study study!


HOSA Grievance Process

The Grievance Process form has been revised. There are two important things to know about this:

  • There is now a $50 fee for filing a grievance.
  • The primary purpose of filing a grievance is to support future improvement in competitive event operations. Unless there is an egregious operational error, the judges decisions remain final and competitive event results will not change.

Fall Online Testing Results

The fall online testing results are here!  Please check out the top 3 participants in each event for fall online testing.  Nevada HOSA Fall Online Testing Top 3 2014