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Nevada HOSA 2014 Fall Online Testing

Registration materials are now available for the 2014 Fall Online Testing series! Registration opens on September 22 and closes on October 3. This is your opportunity to compete in online testing and experience new events. Click here for the details!

Epidemiology Event Added!

We are very excited to share that Nevada HOSA is going to be adding a new event this year. It will only be offered at the State Leadership Conference (not in fall testing). You may officially share with your students that we have adopted Epidemiology.

Epidemiology will be the only event added in 2014-15.

As we move forward, please know that we always value input for advisors, chapter officers, and members about the future of our competitive events program. At any time throughout the year, everyone is encouraged to share their ideas for competitive events in Nevada HOSA. Suggestions will be reviewed each August. The form to make suggestions can be found here:


HOSA in Russia

Hey Nevada HOSA!  We are always excited to share our love for healthcare with other future health professionals, and Ms. Kinnunen from the Rancho High School chapter did just that over her spring break. This teacher shared the message of HOSA with kids in Russia and gave them T-Shirts from previous state leadership conferences. Check out the maroon shirt in the back row on the left!

NLC 2014 – Round 2 Competitors

Congratulations to Round 2 Competitors at the National Leadership Conference!


Best of luck in your competitions!

Nevada HOSA Student Receives HOSA Scholarship

Congratulations to Selam Ayele of Southwest CTA, for being named the 2014 recipient of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation! To find out more about the HOSA Scholarship Program or for the complete list of recipients, please click here

NAEMT Scholarships Application for Students Interested in Careers as EMS

Nevada HOSA is pleased to announce that the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) Foundation has extended their program to promote Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Careers throughout Nevada.

NAEMT has announced the EMS Scholarship Opportunity, which is intended for students interested in careers in EMS. Scholarships will be awarded up to $1,000 for education for the following career areas: Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), or Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT).

To find out more about the guidelines for the scholarship or to apply, please click here

To find out more about NAEMT Foundation and their other programs and mission, please click here