What's New?

NLC Invoices

Please be sure to print your NLC invoices when you register online. Please be sure that payments are sent to Nevada HOSA at P. O. Box 912, Jacksonville, OR 97530.

Final NLC Online Deadline

Tuesday, May 10, at 11:59 p.m. Texas Time – Nevada’s online registration for NLC will close. Our team will validate your registrations between Wednesday and Friday and you will hear from me if we have any questions.


981.2 hours of Barbara James Community Service are still sitting in the activity tracking system as PENDING. Only you as the local advisor can approve community service hours for your students, and the national deadline of May 15 is not a suggestion – it really is a deadline – and hours still “pending” will not be counted for awards. Please, please login to the national system and see if you have any hours pending for your students. If you do not know how to do this, please call Mike and he will gladly walk you through it!

ILC Hotels

ILC hotel space is filling quickly. Please be sure to book in an official HOSA hotel to prevent a chance of being disqualified from your competitive events. All travel discounts and hotel information can be found at nlc.hosa.org. Overflow hotels will have bus transportation provided during regular conference hours.

Pins & Spirit Items

Every student and advisor attending ILC will get pins and spirit items at the Nevada meeting. 5 pins per attendee are included. Additional pins are $2 each, and they are first come first served. If you anticipate wanting an incredibly large number of pins, please let me know by May 1; and we can do a special order to guarantee that we will have them for you.

Nevada HOSA’s Competitive Event at ILC

Nevada HOSA will again be managing the Public Service Announcement event at ILC, and Shelly Kinnunen will again be our team captain. We need 15 advisors to assist with the event – if you are willing to do this, please let Mike Oechsner know. If you don’t volunteer (or get voluntold) for supporting Public Service Announcement, you will be voluntold to chaperone the dance. All advisors are required to support the Nevada HOSA efforts at ILC.

Barbara James, National Service Project, and MRC

Your hours must be finalized and approved in the national HOSA system in order to be recognized. Nevada HOSA will not be validating any of these – that is the advisor’s responsibility. These also must be done by May 10.

Recognition Events

Please be sure to consult national guidelines on all recognition events. The requirements, including the Showcase, are very important, as there is no room for error for ILC. 

ILC Registration

Registration for the International Leadership Conference is now open! This is online at the HOSA website – www.hosa.org/hosaconf – the same place that all other conference registrations have been. Please be sure to note that your registration payments should come directly to Nevada HOSA at the Jacksonville, OR, address. Do not send registration fees directly to National HOSA! The absolute last day to register for ILC is May 10. Please note: it is your responsibility to register for competitive events. On May 11, all registrations will need to be validated.

Nevada HOSA does NOT register any of your students for competitive events!

2016 Nevada HOSA National Competitors

Included here is the Nevada HOSA competition roster for NLC 2016. The recognition events are not included on this roster – all recognition events (including Healthcare Issues Exam) are certified to advance to NLC, as there is no bumping process.

National Officer Candidates

Please share with students interested in running for national office that the deadline we will enforce this year to contact Mike Oechsner is this Friday, April 15. There are two published deadlines (April 10 and April 15), and we are going with the later deadline. Also, the materials ask for Nevada specific items, as well as a draft national application. The national application is not yet available, so please have them only submit the Nevada items if they are interested.

NLC Intent to Compete Forms Due Date

Intent to compete forms are due today, April 11, at 5 p.m. Don’t forget!