The Official Guide for HOSA Members and Advisors!

SECTION A - National HOSA: The Organization

An essential part of every HOSA chapter's resources, Section A provides basic information about HOSA as an organization serving Health Science Technology Education students. Included are a description of National HOSA, its purposes, organization, structure, national officer composition, governance and operation, state affiliation, emblematic and ceremonial aspects, selected National HOSA policies, historical development and Bylaws. View Section A of the HOSA Handbook.

SECTION B - National HOSA: Competitive Events Program

A necessary instructional resource for HOSA CHAPTER members and the local HSTE teacher - HOSA Advisor, Section B provides all current information pertaining to the HOSA Competitive Events Program to enhance leadership and technical skill development in the classroom and to guide competition at the local, district/regional/area, state and national levels. This publication includes general rules and regulations as well as specific competitive event guidelines and competency based performance rating sheets and selected policies and procedures pertaining to administering, preparing and participating in HOSA Competitive Events. View Section B of the HOSA Handbook.

SECTION C - Guide to Organizing and Managing a HOSA Chapter

A major leadership and instructional resource for HOSA chapter officers and members and the HSE teacher - HOSA advisor, Section C provides practical guidelines for organizing and operating a local HOSA chapter and its program of activities, for integrating HOSA leadership and technical skill development in HSE classroom instruction, and for participation by HOSA members and officers in local, district/regional/area, state, and national HOSA program activities.View Section C of the HOSA Handbook.

Other Resources from National HOSA