2016 ILC Newsletter


Something’s Wrong

23-year-old Brock Norred sat in his vehicle about to leave Rosalia Salazar’s residence after a night of hanging out when all of a sudden his breathing became heavy. After several failed attempts to fill his lungs with oxygen he felt his throat begin to close up. Using his last ounce of strength, Norred was able to contact Salazar for help and she found Norred passed out in the driver’s seat slumped over the steering wheel. Salazar took his vitals and found him with a: capillary refill of greater than 3 seconds; signs of hypoxia; a tachycardic heartrate; cyanosis around his lips and eyelids; and he was cool pale, and diaphoretic. Something was wrong and she knew her number one priority was to support his airway and maintain it.


Norred’s ability to speak was diminishing and his speech was slurred. He was slipping in and out of consciousness while wheezing and using all of his accessory muscles to breathe. At this point, he could not open his eyes anymore. Salazar along with her mother and best friend quickly took him to the hospital.


While in route, Salazar supported Norred’s airway and administered rescue breaths as needed. Norred was definitely in need of hospital care.


Once at the hospital, Salazar wheeled Norred in on a wheel chair and he was immediately triaged. That night, he was the most critical patient the hospital had received. The attending physician took him in and started him on a breathing treatment with epinephrine along with some Benadryl. The RN’s commented that if he were to have not come in as quick as he did, it would have been fatal.


Sometime around 2:40AM, Norred was stabilized and it was identified that what he had experienced was caused by a mixture of tonsillitis and an allergic reaction to an unknown allergen. But nonetheless, he was A&O X 4 now. 3:20AM came, and Norred was discharged from the facility.


Salazar is a student at the College of Southern Nevada studying Special Education and Emergency Medical Services. She is serving as the current CSN HOSA President and has served as the Nevada HOSA State President in 2014-15.


Norred says, “I remember bits and pieces of it, and I remember Rosalia always trying to make sure I was breathing and alert. I’m told she kept my airway open the entire time. Rosalia registered me into the ER, and then proceeded to explain to the nurses and doctors my situation.”


HOSA is dedicated to creating Future Health Professionals, and although Salazar aspires to pursue a career as an educator in a classroom, her heart lies in prehospital care. That day, she was a clear example of what it means to be an everyday hero.


“It doesn’t matter what’s going on, as long as you remember to check your ABC’s: Airway, Breathing, and Circulation.” Explains Salazar, “You can change someone’s life by simply keeping their airway open. I treated Brock the same way I would want somebody to treat one of my brothers: with compassion. If it wasn’t for the care that I provided, he probably would’ve suffocated. I’m very glad that something as little as maintaining his airway open until I could hand him off to a higher level of care, made such a difference. I would do it time and time again.”


Norred concludes with, “It was very difficult to breathe. Her supporting my airway is probably the reason why I’m alive. And for that, I am very thankful for Rosalia.”


HOSA Story Victory for Victoria: Academy of Arts, Careers, and Technology

Victory for Victoria

The Matthews family received some devastating news that their oldest child, Victoria, has been diagnosed with leukemia. Victoria is almost 16, a sophomore at the Academy of Arts, Careers, and Technology High School and aspires to become a pediatric oncologist. She is currently a student in the medical academy and became a member of HOSA at the beginning of her freshman year. She took a knowledge test as a freshman and placed bronze in Pathophysiology. Her passion for HOSA grows as she gets more involved in the organization. Victoria was sent to Oakland, California to receive chemotherapy and get more intense treatment for her condition. Throughout the weeks, she has had difficult battles every day. Some days she would do fine, but others she would not. During her days in the hospital, all she worried about was making sure she studied Pathophysiology so she could be prepared for this year’s Nevada HOSA online testing. The Academy of Arts, Careers, and Technology held an event called Dreams of Chocolate to raise money for her family’s expenses. Much support was given from family, friends, teachers, and Nevada HOSA chapters such as Reed HS and CSN Community College. We ended up raising over $2800 for her family with the event alone, and a GoFundMe account was also set up, and everyone all over the United States together raised over $10,000. Victoria and her family love the support that was and still is given to them. Recently we all received the most amazing news that Victoria’s bone marrow lab test results shows no leukemic cells. By the looks of it, Victoria is cancer free and is now in Reno, Nevada finishing her chemotherapy and treatments to ensure that the leukemic cells are gone for good. She has never stopped fighting and is such a strong human being that many people can be inspired by her hard work.

HOSA Story: Veterans Tribute Career and Technical Academy

To many people, HOSA is just an organization—an organization that allows you to get prepared for future health careers and gain leadership skills. To me, HOSA is much more than that. HOSA is what I strive to participate in and has brought me some of the best memories I’ve ever had. I remember when I was first introduced to HOSA. It was Freshman Open House at Veterans Tribute Career and Technical Academy. As soon as I learned what HOSA was all about, I was automatically was on board; it was the best decision I have made. The past two years being involved in this organization has done so much for me. I have built powerful friendships in HOSA and continue to make new friendships with all of the people I meet at state competition and at nationals. I have grown to become a leader by having an active role in my chapter. My confidence has raised, and I’ve become more outgoing. Being in HOSA has helped me break out of my shell. My first year in HOSA I went to the National Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida, and last year I competed at nationals in Anaheim, California. To this day, I remember how much fun I had meeting people from around the nation and going to symposiums where I gained so much knowledge. My interactions with health professionals has inspired me to pursue a career in the medical field. Every day in HOSA I am learning something new that will not only help me right now, but also in my future. HOSA truly has changed my life for the better. My experiences have made being in HOSA better than anything else.I am proud to be in HOSA and share my love for HOSA with other people.

HOSA Story: Advanced Technologies Academy

As a student interested in the health sciences and health career opportunities, it was hard to find opportunities and communities in my school that appeased my interests. My school, Advanced Technologies Academy, is a school that has a strong emphasis on the architecture, engineering, business, law, and computer science fields. As such, there were many CTSOs present at school. However, given the multiple CTSOs, there was not one for those interested in health careers. The harsh desert of Las Vegas couldn’t quench our thirst for health science knowledge. As a result, I, along with our co-founder Johnny Yang, founded an oasis in our school: our very own HOSA chapter. Starting a HOSA chapter seemed like a daunting task at first. However, thanks to the help of our State Officers, the process of establishing and growing our chapter became simple. Our members now find themselves open to a new community. A community that exists both in the local, state, and national levels. A community that shares the same health and medical passions. We, the A-TECH chapter, are proud to be new members of this new welcoming community – HOSA.

HOSA Story: Clark HOSA

Clark HOSA, the home of the Chargers. The year has only begun, but we are definitely off to a great start. Organizing seems tougher than it actually is, but the board has learned strategies to make life easier. Currently, we are working diligently getting ready for the State Leadership Conference, and we can gladly say we are more than excited to see and compete with other schools from Nevada! With strong determination and dedication every year, our school is always represented with a large amount of members competing at the State and International levels. Showing pride of black and gold is one thing, but representing maroon, navy blue and medical white is another. HOSA: Future Health Professionals is definitely a passion for many members at Clark, and we’ve shown it through events we have volunteered at. For example, the Alzheimer’s Walk at Town Square was a fantastic turnout; “I mean, the best part about it really was the large amount of people that collaborated to cheer for the walkers AND the willpower of people to fight Alzheimer’s. It was heartwarming and exciting. We didn’t just have fun with other students, but we also interacted with the people that walked. “The overall experience is definitely one thing I’d like to do again,” said Jamie Dahan, our HOSA Historian. Also, we volunteered at Light the Night Walk 2015 with a group of 41 students and we had such a great time cheering people on while lighting their night at the same time. Overall Clark HOSA is having a terrific year, but we have to give a big thank you to our advisors Ms. Saiki and Mrs.Ward because without “U”, there would be no “Us”.

Running For State Office

Hello prospective State Officer Candidates. Being a state officer is one of the most exciting opportunities that will affect your future in healthcare in a positive way. It is your responsibility to represent the organization to the community, ensure that Nevada HOSA will continue to grow every year, and serve the members and advisors. A big question to ask yourself


Here is a rundown of the requirements and additional information:

  • Determine if running for a State Office is right for you:
    • Time Commitment
  • Look at the prerequisites:
    • 2.5 GPA
    • Active members of your local chapter
    • Turn in necessary paperwork on time
    • Attend SLC
  • If interested:
    • Fill out paperwork provided at www.nevadahosa.org
    • Create a resume following the Nevada HOSA guidelines
    • Write a one-page typed essay “Why I want to be a Nevada HOSA State Officer?”
    • Prepare for the HOSA History and Parliamentary Procedures Test (50/50)
    • Prepare a one-minute speech to be given at SLC
    • Be ready to answer questions from the Nominating Committee and Delegates
  • At State:
    • No Campaigning
    • Recite your speech during the Opening Session
    • Be interviewed by the Nominating Committee and slated for a specific position
    • Be interviewed and voted by the Delegates at the Business Session
  • Deadline:
    • February 19, 2016. All forms must be received by Nevada HOSA via online submission.
  • Remember that the officer positions include:
    • President (S/PS)
    • 1st Vice President (S)
    • 2nd Vice President (S)
    • Postsecondary Vice President (PS)
    • Secretary (S)
    • Positions under (Secondary) are for high school students from 9th-11th grade who will be serving their term while still in high school
    • Positions under (Post-Secondary) are for high school seniors and postsecondary students who will be serving their term while in college.
  • If elected:
    • Get ready for a busy, but exciting term!
    • Meet outstanding leaders
    • Represent Nevada HOSA
  • Here is some advice from your current Nevada HOSA officers:
    • Katherine: Be genuine. If you’re running, I trust that you love HOSA. Be genuine in your love for HOSA and healthcare, because the audience will recognize it.
    • Jenna: Make sure you memorize your Opening Session speech. This is really your one, true chance to show everyone why you are perfect for a State Officer position. This is your time to shine.
    • Ojo: Don’t stress too much about the test. Just remember to study and stay calm and collected. Know who the officers are at the State and National level, and know HOSA history at the State and National levels. For information on HOSA history or Parliamentary Procedure go towww.nevadahosa.org and www.hosa.org
    • Chelsa: Be prepared for the nom com and delegate questions during your interview. Remember to stay confident and be yourself because they will notice whether or not you are nervous or prepared.
    • Andres: A big misconception that interested seniors have about running for state office is that there are no positions for them . However, they are eligible for running for the positions of Post-Secondary Vice President and President.


One of Nevada HOSA’s members, Victoria, at AACT has been diagnosed with Leukemia and is being treated in Oakland. AACT is holding a fundraiser this Friday to help with her treatment costs. They are looking for donations of any types of chocolate or bake sale items.

If you can donate or would like to attend the fundraiser, please email Mrs. Urrutia at murrutia@washoeschools.net. Let’s rally around Victoria and ensure that she gets the help she needs!

Holiday Health Tips

Greetings Nevada HOSA!

We hope that you all had an amazing Halloween and Thanksgiving and enjoyed the grand bounties of chocolates, candies, and Thanksgiving feast while making sure to brush your teeth!

With the holidays upon us, it is a time to set all matters aside and stuff our faces with juicy roasted ham, creamy mashed potatoes, sweet pumpkin pie, cookies, and herbal stuffed turkey without a care a world. Then, we wake up the next morning, walk to our favorite mirror and examine our glorious, grand belly in a striking pose. After that, it hits us that maybe, just maybe we should not have eaten our little brother’s leftover ham and turkey.

Do not fret though because your State Officer Team is here to help! We have studied the exercise techniques of Arnold Schweininger and Lance Armstrong. Through our studies, we have developed some of our own health and exercise tips and we are ready to share them with you!

Health and Exercise Tips:

1. So your are sitting at the dinner table, and you are in staring contest with the turkey and ham at the same time. Do you grab one or both? Well knowing it is a special day, we say it’s okay to grab a BIT of both. Remember that key word, “BIT”, and don’t over gorge on the food or else you might be the one on the plate with an apple in your mouth.

2. Get active! That does NOT mean having a pumpkin pie eating contest to see who can eat the most amount of pies before they go into a food coma. Make sure to go do some walking, running, or sports, alone or with friends, for at least on hour a day. Trust me! It is not that hard! Maybe…

3. “I’m not fat, I’m just tapered!” It’s okay to admit that perhaps you should exercise just a little belly fat. So, make sure when you exercise, to mix a variety of exercises for the greatest impact!

4. Yet, we understand that the holidays are a special time, so maybe you are in the green for eating a little extra food than normal. Just make sure you stick to a healthy, balanced diet before the grand feast and return to that same diet after your belly shrinks a couple of inches.

With these four tips, we hope you all stay healthy and fit while still enjoying a feast fit for the gods this holiday season. The most important thing to remember on that day is to give thanks for being alive with your friends and family for everything you have! We all hope you have a HOSAtastic Holiday season!


Advice for a Perfect HOSA Week!

Hello HOSA Members!

With the start of November, comes one of the most exciting events of the HOSA year: HOSA Week! HOSA Week is a spectacular opportunity to promote the health science curriculum, the mission of HOSA, as well as service to others. It officially was from Monday, November 2nd until Friday, November 6th, but HOSA can always be celebrated at anytime during the year! Chapter Officers, make sure that during your meeting you determine the activities your chapter will participate in for the week. You could include different activities, guest speakers, health related career displays, blood drives, bonfires, socials, dress up days, or walks. Also try to strive towards bringing awareness to and raising money for our current National HOSA Service Project: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Remember that anything that your chapter participates in to celebrate HOSA week can be included in the Chapter Reflections (formerly Outstanding HOSA chapter) competitive event.

Here are some ideas to help celebrate HOSA week with your chapter:


Canned Food Drives

Memorial Walk or Run

Volunteering at any Medical Clinic or Hospital

Salvation Army Food Boxing

Health Information Booth

Teacher Appreciation

Mini Lesson on STD’s

Health Career Displays/Presentation

HOSA Appreciation Party


For a full list of some sample activities that your chapter can sponsor for HOSA week, go to the National HOSA website @ http://hosa.org/node/122