Health and Fitness-They Go Hand in Hand

Why does it seem like the whole world emphasizes the essence of health/fitness so much in our lives? As vital as the water we drink or the air we breathe, health goes hand in hand with fitness. We as humans must contribute to our bodies; nurture it, care for it, and love it to the fullest. As future HEALTH professionals, it’s a given that we must value our bodies and give them what they need to stay healthy and set an example for others. Our overall health is comprised of many factors. There will be times when our bodies seem to want to give out from the strain of the world and there will also be times when our bodies gleams with a golden glow. A key to healthiness is a healthy dose of exercise and healthy eats. There’s no other secret to it! As long as you nourish your body with nutritious goodies and work it out, it will thank you every time and it won’t let you down! How do you like to stay healthy and fit?

The Importance of Meaningful Sleep

Hello Nevada HOSA!  As highly motivated students, we tend to stress over the looming reviews, projects and examinations that are spread throughout our academic careers.  Many are convinced that they must stay up all night to study the handouts, review the unit vocabulary and/or create a magnificent PowerPoint Presentation.  While it is important to study, review, and create, it is equally important, if not more so, to actually call it a night earlier and get some sleep.

If you think about it, sleep is an odd phenomenon.  Studies of it have only recently boomed, and they-while having uncovered many secrets-have merely scratched the surface of the understanding of sleep.  Perhaps the strangest thing of all, scientists have been unable to discern one thing in particular for certain concerning sleep: its purpose.  There are many theories of course. Some point to the idea that sleep’s main purpose is to allow the body and the brain to rejuvenate otherwise weathered physiology and processes.  Then there are scientists who believe that sleep was an evolutionary step to bring about a period of regular energy conservation in an organism.  Further still are scientists who believe that sleep came about so that humans would be able to process cognitive information at a period when no other information was being taken in.

But whatever its purpose, sleep is an undoubtedly necessary process under which all humans must go at a regular interval.  The wake-sleep cycle is dominated by the circadian rhythm—a daily, internal biological clock.  We humans constantly mess with this internal metronome by relishing in artificial light long after the setting of the sun.  It is thought that because of this, we interrupt our circadian rhythm’s natural tendency to adjust itself with apparent light (instead of taking direction from the sun, it takes direction from a light bulb shining brightly in your room as you cram for your Medical Terminology final at midnight).

Finally, we must realize just how important sleep is.  While sleep deprivation has not been the main cause of a reported death yet (one high school student went 11 days without sleep for a science fair project, holding the current world record for longest awake period), sleep deprivation has massive effects on the body and brain.  Going a mere 24 hours without sleep is enough to completely throw off your judgment, planning skills and reaction times, enough so that you may be comparable to a drunk person above the legal limit.  Plus, sleep is not an easy thing to pay off.  This means that you cannot make up missing an entire night of sleep by going on a one-night sleeping “binge.”  It can take up to 2 weeks to pay off your sleeping debt—even from just one night!

So as the fall semester approaches, remember to turn off the light and just sleep.

What It’s Like To Be A Newly Elected State Officer

About three months have passed since the new Nevada State Officers have been inducted. Your fellow officers were grateful and excited to take this challenge and represent Nevada as leaders. They do not simply represent Nevada-they have a lot of hard work to do too! These leaders were given assignments to finish, tasks to fulfill, and an interesting, influential leadership book to read, “The Student Leadership Challenge.”
From signing multiple forms to writing a testimonial, biography, and a speech, your state officers have worked dutifully and devotedly. Although some tasks may be more challenging and time consuming than the others, each assignment, no matter how big or small, is pertinent to the duty of Nevada’s state officer. As an officer, they partook in an officer/parent/advisor call at the end of April. In this call, the state director congratulated the officers for their induction and introduced what will happen throughout the course of their one year term. After about 25 minutes, the call ended with the officers, the parents, and the advisors asking various, important questions pertaining to the year in office.
After a little less than a month, the leaders held their first officer conference call on May 22nd. Conversing about the leadership book and planning for NLC, the officers were able to hold their first successful meeting. But of course, what good is a team if communication never exists? Not only does each officer have a duty to fulfill the tasks given directly for Nevada HOSA, but each of them have a duty to stick as a team for the team. Hoping to congregate as one Nevada HOSA team, they endeavor to greet each other in a determination to succeed in innovating new ideas and positively influencing other HOSA members not as individual officers but as a team.


Operation Health Care Bound

Nevada HOSA is again excited to support the Operation Health Care Bound Conference in Reno! Please click operation healhcare bound for more information!

Member Spotlight-Liridon Poliku and Marcia Hernandez (VTCTA)

Nevada HOSA did amazing at the 2014 National Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida.  One shining example of our state’s accomplishments is the Veteran’s Tribute Career and Technical Academy team of Liridon Poliku and Marcia Hernandez who took home the national gold medals for the EMT event—and this was the first year that either of them had competed in the event!  Last year Marcia, an incoming freshman at the College of Southern Nevada this fall, placed 5th at state with her senior partner in the CPR/First Aid event.  Liridon, who will also be a freshman at CSN, took 1st at state last year in the now retired event of Extemporaneous Speaking.  But both jumped at the chance to be in the EMT event: Liridon knew he wanted to gain the skills so he can become a paramedic in the future and Marcia had been desiring to do this event since her freshman year of high school.

When they were asked how they became a team, they confessed something very surprising: because each of their partners at the State Leadership Conference had prior commitments during NLC, the Hernandez-Poliku team was only made official after the state competition!  “We practiced a lot together, even before state,” Marcia said when asked how they were able to come together as a team in a short amount of time.  While they definitely knew the challenges of working in a team, especially verbally communicating every action for the judges or trying to be prepared for the unexpected, they each found that teamwork in effect “canceled out each other’s weaknesses.”  Where Liridon felt he could have done much more for the patient through advocacy, he felt that Marcia did superb at the patient’s trauma assessment.  And where Marcia felt she did not communicate effectively enough with the patient, Liridon knew that their highly collaborative nature could work through it.  “Collaboration on the whole thing overall,” he thought, “was a huge, huge benefit.”

While the pair may have now graduated from high school, they still plan on following their medical dreams and continue being involved with HOSA.  Liridon said that they both are attending the College of Southern Nevada where he heard a chapter may be started this next year and hopes to become involved and keep working on becoming a paramedic.  “I also want to go back and help my [old] chapter,” he stated.  Marcia is going to work towards becoming a fire paramedic.  At any rate, these two national champions are headed to greatness thanks to their HOSA opportunities and, of course, their brilliant teamwork.  Way to go Liridon and Marcia!

Nevada HOSA Pin Contest 2014-2015

Every year Nevada HOSA creates a state pin used as the State Leadership Conference pin and as the official trading pin for the state during the National Leadership Conference. Members are encouraged to create a pin design that captures Nevada, the state/national theme, and/or the NLC destination. Voting will take place at the Fall Leadership Extravaganza, and the winning pin design will be used as the inspiration for the official trading pin of Nevada.  See all of the information to compete at Nevada HOSA Pin Design Contest 2014-15.

Nevada HOSA Instagram Challenge

Get connected with your fellow HOSA members and achieve recognition for your chapter through the Nevada HOSA Instagram Challenge!


There will be a total of 10 challenges…one per week until SLC.  For each challenge, you and your fellow chapter members can participate by posting a photo on your Instagram.

The photo must also:

  • Include a hashtag with your chapter name for all of your Instagram challenge posts.  (For example #swcta) You must use a hashtag with your school name in order for your school to get credit for the challenge.
  • Include the hashtag for the challenge of the week (See the challenges below)
  • Tag @NevadaHOSA on your photo

The chapter with the most participation will be recognized at the State Leadership Conference!

Like the Nevada HOSA Facebook Page for continued updates ( and follow Nevada HOSA on Instagram to participate in this challenge (


Week of January 13, 2014

#selfiehosamembers: A selfie challenge with your members and/or members you have yet to meet!

Week of January 20, 2014

#flashbackhosa: Post a picture from past HOSA related events, why was this your favorite memory/event? (Ex: FLX, SLC, NLC,etc.)

Week of January 27, 2014

#slcnecessity : What is one thing you can not live without while competing at SLC? Is it comfort food? A lucky charm? Show us your SLC necessity!

Week of February 3, 2014

#hosateam : Who will you be competing with for your competitive event? Do you have a team, a partner, or are you competing individually? We wish you all the best!

Week of February 10, 2014

#hosagoal: What is your HOSA goal you hope to accomplish? Is it to make it to nationals? Is it to hold an officer position? Let us know!

Week of February 17, 2014

#myhosaevent: What event will you be competing in? Represent your competition! Why did you choose this event? Have you competed in the event previous years? Show your spirit!

Week of February 24, 2014

#chapterspiritchallenge: Represent your chapter proudly! (Ex: showing your chapter t-shirts, HOSA chants, etc.)

Week of March 3, 2014

#mentorappreciationchallenge: Post a picture with an officer/advisor and caption how those people have impacted your life.

Week of March 10, 2014

#competitiveeventchallenge: We want to see you preparing for SLC and your competitive event! Show you and your members hard at work.

Week of March 17, 2014 – Conference Week!

#besthosamemory : What has been your favorite HOSA memory thus far?

Questions?  Contact Casandra Carrasco, 2nd Vice President, at

Nevada HOSA represents at the ACTE Conference 2014

From December 4-7, the 2013 Association of Career and Technical Education held their annual conference.  The Association of Career and Technical Education is the nation’s largest education association dedicated to the advancement of education that prepares youth and adults for successful careers. ACTE provides advocacy, public awareness and access to information on career and technical education, professional development and tools that enable members to be successful and effective leaders. (

Las Vegas had the honor of hosting the top administrators, teachers and students who were all in Las Vegas for the conference. Your state officers had a chance to attend the conference and represent HOSA as ambassadors and conference helpers.

On the first day 2nd Vice President Casandra Carassco, Secretary Geewoo Kim and Post Secondary Vice President Jessica Wolf checked attendees in for their workshops. While helping with this process, they had a chance to interact with other Nevada CTSO officers. In addition, 1st Vice President Bethanie Cooper and President Joyce Balingit helped with express registration to help all attendees get through the process as smoothly as possible.

On the second day the officers continued to help and were able to attend the expo where they connected with National President Antonio Hernandez and National President Elect Hugo Quezada. They also had the unique opportunity to attend the HOSA luncheon where there was a raffle, awards distributed, and a keynote speaker. After the event, the state officers fulfilled their roles as “hosts” by spending time with the national officers and showing them around the sights of Las Vegas.

The state officers were honored to attend such an amazing conference and were glad the host all of the amazing people who are a part of the Association of Career and Technical Education.

We’d love to visit your chapter!

Hello Nevada HOSA!!

In Nevada HOSA we do this fun and awesome thing where we have State Officers go and visit the different chapters that make Nevada HOSA great; we call them Chapter visits. The State officers want to attend all of the chapters we have around Nevada! So far we have been able to attend Rancho High School, Veterans Tribute CTA, Northwest CTA, and Southwest CTA. During the Chapter visit a number of things can happen: the State officers can run the meeting, talk about a specific item, talk for a little part of the chapter meeting or just hang around the meeting and meet the members that make your chapter awesome! Does your chapter have a special topic that you would want a State Officer to talk about? We would be more than happy to cover it with your chapter. Your Chapter can contact any of the 5 State officers (Joyce, Bethanie, Casandra, Geewoo and Jessica) or Mrs. Tuason to request a visit.

Oh, and don’t worry about having to chose which officer you want-more than one of us could come at a time! We hope to see you chapter soon and don’t forget that SLC is almost here!

FLX Conferences

In November, the State Officers had the amazing opportunity to attend the Fall Leadership Extravaganzas in Las Vegas and Reno where we were able to meet HOSA members all throughout Nevada as well as members and officers of other Career and Technical Student Organizations such as DECA, FBLA, and FCCLA.

We kickstarted the day with a bunch of enthusiastic HOSA members during the opening session. It was so exciting to witness such an incredible crowd. Following the opening remarks were our keynote speakers. In Las Vegas, Kent Julian gave a very empowering presentation that inspired members to be courageous and shine to our fullest potential. He engaged the members by telling stories, playing Simon Says, and by drinking lemonade with chocolate milk. Brittany Parker was the keynote speaker for our Reno conference; she gave a very creative presentation utilizing movies that showed the hidden leadership lessons within them. Every member was fully immersed in her presentation due to the way she used movies we’ve watched in order to apply them to our lives as student leaders.

After our keynote speakers, we attended workshops given by a variety of presenters regarding leadership, teamwork, presentations, service, and advocacy. They were very informative and a great way to meet one another. Later on, we had a networking session followed by a delicious lunch where we continued to meet new people and even took “selfies” for our Instagram!

Next, we had a HOSA meeting that included updates on all things happening in Nevada HOSA. We began each meeting with a spirit competition amongst the chapters. Following this was our Instagram moment where we captured the excitement expressed by all our Nevada HOSA chapters! Afterward, we shared updates regarding social media, postsecondary opportunities, chapter liaisons, chapter visits, and Presidents Council Calls. We then split up into groups to attend mini workshops presented by chapter advisors, our State Advisor, our State Director, and the State Officers. They included information regarding breathing, Healthy Lifestyles, Medical Reading, and the Barbara James Award. Then we voted on the pin designs, and finally – we announced the winners of the Fall Online Testing! We loved seeing the excitement in your eyes as you received your medals! After the HOSA meeting, we ended the day at the closing session.

The two days that I spent meeting hundreds of members were truly amazing. It was so heartwarming to hear of each member’s stories in HOSA and their future plans, and I speak for all the State Officers when I say that HOSA members are definitely the most outgoing, the most active, and the most passionate members out there! Thank you, and we can’t wait to see all of you again at the State Leadership Conference!