Look Back at SLC 2015!

Anyone who’s been to a HOSA state leadership conference knows that excitement and anticipation fills the air. From Talents shows, not-terrible karaoke, competitive events, to running for state office, the 2015 (March 15- 17) conference never failed to bring memorable and fun experiences to those who participated!

What Happened during the conference?
In case you were wondering, here’s a recap:

State Officer Candidates

More State Officer Candidates!

On the first day during the opening session, introductions were made, awards were given out to knowledge test finalists, and state candidates made their speeches!

One of the Educational Symposiums!

Symposiums were held all around the Rio, including the one led by 2014-2015 past state officers (Rosalia Salazar and Jakob Tsosie). Members got to see what type of leader they were (strict, democratic, or laissez faire). Four groups were formed to make a building out of straws and marshmallows. The first group had strict leaders; the second, democratic; the third, laissez faire; the last, a dynamic group of all leaders.

Spoiler alert: the democratic group won, even though in theory, the dynamic group should have won. I guess there were just too may awesome democratic leaders!

Another Symposium

Awesome Past State Officers Jenny Ha and Bethany Cooper

Past state officers got to meet up and see the growth of Nevada HOSA.
Look at all of these Future Health Professionals! 
West CTA Chapter

Ojo in his banana suit at the talent show

Of course, after the opening session, there was a talent show to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! We had the privilege of seeing Mr. Ojo Ventura do his banana dance for the show. It was funny, its was awesome.
Snacks at CSN
On the second day of the conference, members were to compete in their event at CSN, and since it was confidential and no pictures were taken during competition, here’s a snapshot of what happened behind the scenes. Long story short: competing makes competitors hungry, especially when they have to wait for their turn to compete. In the end, snacks were sold and devoured, and connections and friendships were made during the waiting time. After all, don’t they say that the best friendships are made while sharing a bag of Doritos?
The third day, aka, the day that your life depends on.
Just kidding, it’s not that serious, but it kind of is. On the third day, there is closing ceremony, which is when all medalists for competitive events are called up. Also, its when the State officers present their tearful farewell speeches and the new state officers are inducted. See? Definitely life-changing.
Winners of the Talent Show!
Of course, the now Past State Officers made their farewell speeches and waved goodbye.

2014-2015 State Officer Team

And then there were amazing and awesome speakers:

One of the guest speakers: Shelley Berkley, CEO of Tauro University

And then there was induction of the new state officers:
Katherine Chu being inducted as the 2015-2016 State President. (I don’t know who she is, but I heard she’s really cool)

Standing on stage are the old and new state officers. The candle is lit and the flame is passed on!

Finally, it’s time to go back home from the conference. Members left with new experiences worth telling. Some were happy. Some were sad that the experience was ending. Others were thrilled by the thought of getting to attend the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, CA.
In the end, this conference really changed the lives of many young students-students who share the passion of becoming a compassionate future health professional. Lessons were taught, lessons were learned; experiences were shared, experiences were made. There was personal growth; friendships were made. Perhaps the most important thing to know is that health care, the foundation of our future, is in good hands.

Next stop: HOSA-National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California!!!

January Member Spotlight-Catherine Hernandez

Catherine Hernandez, Nursing Assisting Senior at Southeast Career and Technical Academy

This month’s Member Spotlight goes to out Catherine Hernandez from Southeast Career and Technical Academy! Catherine is SECTA’s chapter HOSA president and is really excited for the year ahead. She plans on majoring in biology in college and aspires to become a doctor in her future. As of right now, she is currently majoring in Nurse Assisting and is a senior at her high school.

Catherine feels awesome to have been nominated for the member spotlight and her chapter is super thrilled as well! To Catherine, HOSA is the ideal organization to join where leaders are cultivated. HOSA gives her and her chapter the opportunity to become involved in community service events, raise awareness, and educate to prevent. She encourages all students to join HOSA: Future Health Professionals!

She became involved with this mighty organization her sophomore year in high school. She was introduced to HOSA by her advisor, Mrs. Cram, and decided that she wanted to better engage herself within the organization. She has held two chapter positions and is now proud to be President. She enjoys networking with the members and building connections with the State Officer team to help better serve HOSA.

Catherine has a fun and exciting agenda for her term in office. Her chapter volunteered at the Magical Forest, and is generating innovative activities that will help her chapter fundraise money for our National Service Project: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Her chapter previously attended the Alzheimer’s Walk and had a blast spreading the HOSA message! Catherine cannot wait to participate in more events with her chapter.

SECTA is known as the Las Vegas Fall Leadership Extravaganza winners for the MOST ENTHUSIASTIC CHAPTER AWARD! The State Officers presented Southeast CTA with this award not because they were the biggest, but because Southeast CTA brought two very committed members who networked beyond belief and made a ripple in an ocean full of HOSA blues. Catherine and her Vice President, James Mangohig, lead with courage and were ideal candidates for the Most Enthusiastic Chapter award. Catherine and her Vice President proved that no matter how small you may be, you can make a difference anywhere you go.

Catherine is excited to work with her members and get ready for the State Leadership Conference. She hopes to qualify to attend the National Leadership Conference with her chapter next year and create life long memories. Catherine sees great things happening in HOSA and only wants to pay it forward.

December Member Spotlight-Katherine Chu, West CTA

This fellow HOSA member not only went above and beyond in her duties as a member of her chapter and this organization, but she soared above her requirements as a chapter officer as well. Katherine Chu, president of West Career and Technical Academy HOSA, has been chosen as our December Spotlight! Nevada HOSA State President Rosalia Salazar, and I, Nevada HOSA Secretary Amber Yun, had the opportunity to attend West CTA’s Mock State Leadership Conference/Project Based Learning. We were amazed at the magnitude of such event and we couldn’t be more proud of the accomplishments of not only the students, but the leaders of the event as well. Katherine was always seen being helpful to members during their competitive events and didn’t hesitate to have fun as well. I recently had an interview with Katherine to get her to know about her passion for HOSA and the process in which she and her officers took to pull off the event. As a junior, she joined HOSA without knowing what her future in HOSA held for her, but after attending her first SLC, she was in it to win it. She realized the passion in HOSA and decided to run for the position of chapter president. Katherine believes that HOSA is a place where she loves to be and a place where her team and her members can grow together. When asked about the process she and her team took to pull off the Mock State Leadership Conference, it amazed me how she managed to lead through it all. The school gave her just one month to plan a conference for 280 members! She spent countless after school hours, as well as weekend time to devote herself to making the event a reality. The conference itself was phenomenal to see come to life and it was a pleasure attending on behalf of Nevada HOSA. She truly displayed aspects of an amazing leader. It is members like Katherine that lead HOSA to amazing heights.

Member Spotlight-Carlo Miciano, SWCTA HOSA Member

Why did you want to join HOSA-Future Health Professionals?
I have been part of HOSA-Future Health Professionals for the past two years. I want to continue with my third year, because I enjoyed this health related organization so much.

What are you looking forward this year?
This year, I am looking forward to the state leadership conference in Las Vegas, Nevada as well as the event I will compete in.

What was your event last year?
Last year, C.E.R.T was my event. C.E.R.T. stands for Community Emergency Response Team and our role was to respond to incidents that happened in the community and help as much as we can without injuring ourselves. This is a partner competitive events, however, this year, I want to try to rely on myself.

Do you have any advice to give to fellow Future Health Professionals?
I think HOSA-Future Health Professionals is an phenomenal experience that everyone should encounter, but such experience happens only if you are active. Being active means you do not only go to all the meetings throughout the year. It means that you are active in the various events that HOSA-Future Health Professionals hosts, whether it may include partaking in the walks dedicated to Cystic Fibrosis, our national service project last year, or as simple as creating Christmas cards for families at Ronald McDonald House. I went to all events and I must say, I had a blast. So, word to all Future Health Professionals: participate because you will not regret it.

What is HOSA-Future Health Professionals to you?
To me HOSA-Future Health Professionals is home. I can not imagine my life without HOSA. It has influenced me positively and has been a part of my heart since freshmen year.

What about HOSA makes you so attached to it?
Honestly, what I love the most about HOSA is our advisor, Mrs. Smith. She makes meetings and events exotic, interesting, and fun. One of the main reasons why I enjoy staying after for HOSA-Future Health Professionals is because of her.

Nevada HOSA Pin Contest 2014-2015

Every year Nevada HOSA creates a state pin used as the State Leadership Conference pin and as the official trading pin for the state during the National Leadership Conference. Members are encouraged to create a pin design that captures Nevada, the state/national theme, and/or the NLC destination. Voting will take place at the Fall Leadership Extravaganza, and the winning pin design will be used as the inspiration for the official trading pin of Nevada.  See all of the information to compete at Nevada HOSA Pin Design Contest 2014-15.

Member Spotlight-Liridon Poliku and Marcia Hernandez (VTCTA)

Nevada HOSA did amazing at the 2014 National Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida.  One shining example of our state’s accomplishments is the Veteran’s Tribute Career and Technical Academy team of Liridon Poliku and Marcia Hernandez who took home the national gold medals for the EMT event—and this was the first year that either of them had competed in the event!  Last year Marcia, an incoming freshman at the College of Southern Nevada this fall, placed 5th at state with her senior partner in the CPR/First Aid event.  Liridon, who will also be a freshman at CSN, took 1st at state last year in the now retired event of Extemporaneous Speaking.  But both jumped at the chance to be in the EMT event: Liridon knew he wanted to gain the skills so he can become a paramedic in the future and Marcia had been desiring to do this event since her freshman year of high school.

When they were asked how they became a team, they confessed something very surprising: because each of their partners at the State Leadership Conference had prior commitments during NLC, the Hernandez-Poliku team was only made official after the state competition!  “We practiced a lot together, even before state,” Marcia said when asked how they were able to come together as a team in a short amount of time.  While they definitely knew the challenges of working in a team, especially verbally communicating every action for the judges or trying to be prepared for the unexpected, they each found that teamwork in effect “canceled out each other’s weaknesses.”  Where Liridon felt he could have done much more for the patient through advocacy, he felt that Marcia did superb at the patient’s trauma assessment.  And where Marcia felt she did not communicate effectively enough with the patient, Liridon knew that their highly collaborative nature could work through it.  “Collaboration on the whole thing overall,” he thought, “was a huge, huge benefit.”

While the pair may have now graduated from high school, they still plan on following their medical dreams and continue being involved with HOSA.  Liridon said that they both are attending the College of Southern Nevada where he heard a chapter may be started this next year and hopes to become involved and keep working on becoming a paramedic.  “I also want to go back and help my [old] chapter,” he stated.  Marcia is going to work towards becoming a fire paramedic.  At any rate, these two national champions are headed to greatness thanks to their HOSA opportunities and, of course, their brilliant teamwork.  Way to go Liridon and Marcia!

Operation Health Care Bound

Nevada HOSA is again excited to support the Operation Health Care Bound Conference in Reno! Please click operation healhcare bound for more information!

Health and Fitness-They Go Hand in Hand

Why does it seem like the whole world emphasizes the essence of health/fitness so much in our lives? As vital as the water we drink or the air we breathe, health goes hand in hand with fitness. We as humans must contribute to our bodies; nurture it, care for it, and love it to the fullest. As future HEALTH professionals, it’s a given that we must value our bodies and give them what they need to stay healthy and set an example for others. Our overall health is comprised of many factors. There will be times when our bodies seem to want to give out from the strain of the world and there will also be times when our bodies gleams with a golden glow. A key to healthiness is a healthy dose of exercise and healthy eats. There’s no other secret to it! As long as you nourish your body with nutritious goodies and work it out, it will thank you every time and it won’t let you down! How do you like to stay healthy and fit?

The Importance of Meaningful Sleep

Hello Nevada HOSA!  As highly motivated students, we tend to stress over the looming reviews, projects and examinations that are spread throughout our academic careers.  Many are convinced that they must stay up all night to study the handouts, review the unit vocabulary and/or create a magnificent PowerPoint Presentation.  While it is important to study, review, and create, it is equally important, if not more so, to actually call it a night earlier and get some sleep.

If you think about it, sleep is an odd phenomenon.  Studies of it have only recently boomed, and they-while having uncovered many secrets-have merely scratched the surface of the understanding of sleep.  Perhaps the strangest thing of all, scientists have been unable to discern one thing in particular for certain concerning sleep: its purpose.  There are many theories of course. Some point to the idea that sleep’s main purpose is to allow the body and the brain to rejuvenate otherwise weathered physiology and processes.  Then there are scientists who believe that sleep was an evolutionary step to bring about a period of regular energy conservation in an organism.  Further still are scientists who believe that sleep came about so that humans would be able to process cognitive information at a period when no other information was being taken in.

But whatever its purpose, sleep is an undoubtedly necessary process under which all humans must go at a regular interval.  The wake-sleep cycle is dominated by the circadian rhythm—a daily, internal biological clock.  We humans constantly mess with this internal metronome by relishing in artificial light long after the setting of the sun.  It is thought that because of this, we interrupt our circadian rhythm’s natural tendency to adjust itself with apparent light (instead of taking direction from the sun, it takes direction from a light bulb shining brightly in your room as you cram for your Medical Terminology final at midnight).

Finally, we must realize just how important sleep is.  While sleep deprivation has not been the main cause of a reported death yet (one high school student went 11 days without sleep for a science fair project, holding the current world record for longest awake period), sleep deprivation has massive effects on the body and brain.  Going a mere 24 hours without sleep is enough to completely throw off your judgment, planning skills and reaction times, enough so that you may be comparable to a drunk person above the legal limit.  Plus, sleep is not an easy thing to pay off.  This means that you cannot make up missing an entire night of sleep by going on a one-night sleeping “binge.”  It can take up to 2 weeks to pay off your sleeping debt—even from just one night!

So as the fall semester approaches, remember to turn off the light and just sleep.

What It’s Like To Be A Newly Elected State Officer

About three months have passed since the new Nevada State Officers have been inducted. Your fellow officers were grateful and excited to take this challenge and represent Nevada as leaders. They do not simply represent Nevada-they have a lot of hard work to do too! These leaders were given assignments to finish, tasks to fulfill, and an interesting, influential leadership book to read, “The Student Leadership Challenge.”
From signing multiple forms to writing a testimonial, biography, and a speech, your state officers have worked dutifully and devotedly. Although some tasks may be more challenging and time consuming than the others, each assignment, no matter how big or small, is pertinent to the duty of Nevada’s state officer. As an officer, they partook in an officer/parent/advisor call at the end of April. In this call, the state director congratulated the officers for their induction and introduced what will happen throughout the course of their one year term. After about 25 minutes, the call ended with the officers, the parents, and the advisors asking various, important questions pertaining to the year in office.
After a little less than a month, the leaders held their first officer conference call on May 22nd. Conversing about the leadership book and planning for NLC, the officers were able to hold their first successful meeting. But of course, what good is a team if communication never exists? Not only does each officer have a duty to fulfill the tasks given directly for Nevada HOSA, but each of them have a duty to stick as a team for the team. Hoping to congregate as one Nevada HOSA team, they endeavor to greet each other in a determination to succeed in innovating new ideas and positively influencing other HOSA members not as individual officers but as a team.